never came across my mug
    in no hard copy's back cover?
  neither did I, yet – relax!
this here autograph tells more
         than a pic no one cares for...

The Ficuses in the Open

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December 8

No electricity. Lockout at my work place.

Carina with her children visited our place.

Valyo dropped in to take breads for his family.

One page from ULYSSES. Then I switched over to reading Montaigne's works.

Sahtik preferred to sleep home this night. The cold is stronger than the fear of missiles.

I've finished my yoga.

The mother-in-law has just stepped out for her place. When she's back we'll have an all-in family supper. Then I'll have to go out after water.

So, I wish good night to all in advance.

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