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The Ficuses in the Open

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December 16

In the morning Carina visited us bringing her kids with her. We had a session of paper dove making in our one-but-spacious room.

From 10 am till noon, I attended the Chat Club of Frozen Hearts. No one cared to come and see a gossip like me. I just sat tight in the cold Renderers' reading THE BHAGAVAT-GITA.

After lunch, Sahtik, the kids, and me ventured out for a walk in the Upper Park.

One page from ULYSSES.

Roozahna, Sahtik, and I brought home eight pails of non-drinking water from a newly discovered (so not yet exhausted) underground reservoir nearby the Theater. Then the mother-in-law took me out to introduce one more water-spring in the neighborhood. When following her I heard booms of rather distant explosions—some two or more miles out of the town.

Hopefully, I managed to keep my outward looks composed and my pace steady following my mother-in-law. Yet, inwardly those faraway bangs just shattered my heart. It was a fit of flat panic. Some scared and miserable thing shrieked and sobbed within me in blind unbearable dread.

(...I wonder if there is any psychological formula to reflect ratio between the danger's remoteness and the intensity of fright...)

Yoga. Supper.

Sahtik and Roozahna went to the Underground but returned at once. They saw rats in the beds. The mother-in-law is also here, preparing to bake breads. Earlier in the day, Valyo brought a sack of flour.

I am going out after water. So, good night to each and all.

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