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December 18

At three in the morning there was a queue (still or, perhaps, already) by the Three Taps. I went to another water spring. There also was a queue but shorter – about ten to fifteen men. I brought home four pails.

After lunch I whetted our kitchen knives with the hand-mill borrowed from Sashic. Sahtik was helping me.

Reading from Montaigne proved that there is nothing new under the moon of this loony world. Here's a literal quotation:

"The war was raging around. Going to bed at night we didn't know if we were to wake up alive next morning."

The passage was written four and a half centuries ago and up till now hasn't lost a single grain of its actual applicability.


We had no pencil game to punish Roozahna for her unruliness. I played backgammon with Sahtik.

It's half past eight pm. The kids are sent to their cots.

Good night to babes and adults alike.

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