пускай с моею мордою
   печатных книжек нет,
  вот эта подпись гордая
есть мой автопортрет



рукописи не горят!.. ...в интернете ...   

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March 10.

"All we are saying is to give to peace a chance."

Sometime, somewhere we kept silent, and the chance was snatched by the war.
Today, it had its say.

In the morning the mother-in-law was the first to come from Underground. And she was right in criticizing me for putting no lids on the drinking-water pails.

So, I started for an early water-walk.

At the Club: A half-hour of pure literary talk with Lenic. Then, a medley talk with Rita.

When I came back home, barrage of GRAD bursts went pop somewhere out of the town.

Sahtik took it for phedayee PHEDAYEE —
     (Armenian borrowing from Greek) "freedom fighter".
shelling Shushi, and fearing Azeri retaliation, she grabbed Ahshaut and set off for Underground.

Soup for two, for the mother-in-law and me.

Sahtik, at her mother's suggestion, wrote a note to Orliana inviting her with the children to spend a couple of days in Underground near our flat, which is safer than theirs.

Being "Mr. Postman" I ran into Orliana at the Lower Circle, some sixty-meters from her place.

She was going to the uphill town to pay the last tribute to the deceased father-in-law of her brother-in-law.

<!--In Armenian there are specific terms to cover any degree or shade of kinsmanship; the said terms account even for the line and depth of interpersonal affinity.-->

On reading the note, Orliana shook her head and said "no".

These days wouldn't be too awful, intimated she, in light of phedayee PHEDAYEE —
     (Armenian borrowing from Greek) "freedom fighter".
storming of Shushi deferred for a month or so.
Besides, the tendency to settle this here conflict by peaceful means grew more and more prominent in the latest developments.

At that point a spray of GRAD missiles crashed in the very middle of town and put emphatic period to her piece.

She ran back—down, I went back—up the hill.

After the mother-in-law had baked breads, one more GRAD volley hit the town.

I went downtown with the breads.

Again, desolate streets echoing to separate blasts. When I neared the round square of Piatachok, a single shell blew up a tree some thirty meters from me.

Sashic was standing at the entrance door of their apartment block together with two other men. The Trinity was haloed with a sturdy spirit-stink.

'Here comes my bajanagh (wife's sister's husband)!' announced he my coming to his partners.

His finger was already clear of its dressing.

Then, I went to Orliana's. When my mission was over, and I started back, Valyo solicitously called after me to be careful.

Lonely supper.

The heavy snowfall going on and on all this day and night looked like Destiny prompting me to use the chance and go out with the ax and kid-sledge to garner the GRAD-crashed tree in the Piatachok square.

The tin woodburner in Underground needs firewood.

I did three treks.

Now, at these small hours, would it be right to say,
"Good Night"?

стрелка вверхвверх-скок